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Dinner Special
Vegerable Samosa to start
Tandoori Chichen, Seekh Kabab
Chicken Tikka Masala
Lamb Curry, Saag Paneer, Vegetable Curry
Naan, Pullao
$25.95 for two persons.
$45.95 for four persons.
For reservations call: (210) 691-5900 We do catering, and wedding parties.

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A Tandoor is a tall, cylindrical clay oven fried by charcoal where the temperature at the bottom is maintained at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. One has to be very skillful to work on the Tandoor to achieve the process of baking, roasting, and grilling simultaneously.
Tandoori Specialities
1 Mixed Grilled Tandoori
A combination of chicken, lamb, fish, and shrimp gilled in Tandoor.
2 Jumbo Shrimp
Succulent marinated prawns gilled in the Tandoor oven.
3 Lamb Tikka Kabab
Marinated cubes of lamb boiled in the Tandoor.
4 Seekh Kabab
Spiced, minced lamb molded on skewers, broiled in the Tandoor
5 Fish Tandoori
Choice fish marinated and broiled over mesquite in the Tandoor.
6 Chicken Tikka Kabab
Succulent pieces of delicately, spiced boneless chicken charbroiled in the Tandoor.
7 Tandoori Chicken (two pieces, breast &leg)
Tender chicken marinated in yogurt and herbs, broiled over mesquite in the Tandoor.